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Bluey (2018-)

Which is the best Bluey episode? Which is the worst Bluey episode? The chart below shows the average rating from IMDb (out of 10) for each of the 153 episodes across 3 seasons.

Which is the best episode of Bluey?

The best episode of Bluey according to IMDb reviews is season 2 episode 26, "Sleepytime". This episode has a rating of 9.8.

Which is the worst episode of Bluey?

The worst episode of Bluey according to IMDb reviews is season 3 episode 44, "Wild Girls". This episode has a rating of 7.1.

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Bluey is an Australian animated television comedy series created by Joe Brumm and produced by Ludo Studio. It follows a family of six-year-old Blue Heeler puppy Bluey and her parents, Bingo and Chilli, who try to entertain and enjoy life with their three children. The series follows Bluey and her siblings, Bandit and Muffin, as they navigate the world of games, imagination and everyday life with their parents and caregivers.

Bluey and her siblings often create elaborate plans and games with their imagination to entertain each other throughout the day. From playing games in the house and backyard to “active waiting” during trips to the store, their games don't take long to become a huge part of the family's daily routine.

Between the friendly banter between the family members, Bluey's strategies for getting out of trouble and some of her not-so-faultless family moments, the show is a unique and endearing exploration of childhood. From the visuals and music to the humor of the scripts, Bluey is both educational and enjoyable. It is one of those shows that offers insight in the lives of a modern family, while also being incredibly relatable.

The series has been praised for its storytelling and animation, helping parents and children to relate to and enjoy the adventures of Bluey and its cast. Since its premiere in 2018, Bluey has become a worldwide phenomenon, with multiple awards and ratings success. It has aired over 45 countries and become a popular choice for children's television.

Bluey is a colorful, family-friendly show that can be enjoyed by all ages. Its good humor and loveable characters provide insight into the delightful chaos of the family dynamic, with lighthearted silliness in its message throughout each episode. Bluey is a must-see for anyone looking for some family-friendly entertainment.

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