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Bridgerton (2020-)

Which is the best Bridgerton episode? Which is the worst Bridgerton episode? The chart below shows the average rating from IMDb (out of 10) for each of the 25 episodes across 4 seasons.

Which is the best episode of Bridgerton?

The best episode of Bridgerton according to IMDb reviews is season 2 episode 8, "The Viscount Who Loved Me". This episode has a rating of 8.4.

Which is the worst episode of Bridgerton?

The worst episode of Bridgerton according to IMDb reviews is season 4 episode 1, "Episode #4.1". This episode has a rating of 5.1.

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Bridgerton is a period drama series that debuted on Netflix in December 2020. It is based on the Bridgerton book series written by Julia Quinn. The plot centers around the powerful Bridgerton family navigating London’s competitive social scene. The series follows the oldest Bridgerton siblings Daphne and Anthony, as they make their debut in high society and embark on their own paths to find true love. Daphne desires a successful matchmaker to make her a proper suitor, but Anthony is determined to find his own path in life.

The series also follows their parents, the Dowager Viscountess and the Viscount of Bridgerton, as they manipulate London’s social circles in pursuit of a suitable match for their children. As their schemes become more complex and dangerous, each Bridgerton struggles to find their place in a game of love, betrayal and ultimately, self-discovery.

The show is powered by a talented cast who bring a modern lens to this classic period drama. Among the stars are Regé-Jean Page, Phoebe Dynevor, Jonathan Bailey, Ruby Barker, Nicola Coughlan, Claire, and Julie Andrews in the voice of the all-seeing gossip columnist Lady Whistledown. Bridgerton humorously explores relevant themes such as gender, race and social class, through drama, romance and of course, a few secrets. The show has proven to be a hit with viewers and is sure to bring an entertaining and emotionally-invested experience.

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